Release Date: July 4th, 2015


“In Digital Dick, John Mullen has created one of the most unique sleuths in the mystery world. Suspenseful, funny, and heartwarming, Digital Dick is a winner! Read it and your Satisfaction Index will rise at least 100 points!”
— Matt Coyle, author of the Anthony Award winning Rick Cahill crime novels

Digital Dick is a terrifically funny take on how a computer might view our world. With precise analysis and observation, the ability to compute probabilities and scenarios in nanoseconds, and a Satisfaction Index that gets knocked around faster than a ping pong ball, Dick solves crimes with blazing speed—but also learns that even a computer can have a heart.”
— Terry Ambrose, Author of the McKenna Mysteries and the License to Lie thriller series

“Talented writer John Mullen gifts readers with Digital Dick, a compelling, emotionally engaging, and beautifully crafted debut novel. I eagerly await his next offering!”
— Laura Taylor, 6-Time Romantic Times Award Winner

“If ever an award is offered for most unique detective in a murder mystery, this book will win handily. When I read on the cover that I would be following the investigations of a computer-person, I was not sure…that I wanted to do that. Luckily, I flipped the book open and read the first paragraph – and I was hooked. There is a delightful element of humor in both style and subject matter which makes it fun, and it is also an exciting murder mystery….In addition to taking the prize for originality, this book is a great piece of story-telling and a good read. I highly recommend it.” – Lois Wells Santalo, Midwest Book Review, July 2015




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