First of a series of questions I have about the latest Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens. (Note: these posts may contain spoilers.) Let me start by saying that I really enjoyed this movie. There are just a few things I didn’t understand.

My first question about the movie has to do with the Map. A Map? The story is built around the search for a map that will lead to Luke Skywalker. Who created this map? Since no one knows where Luke is, we are left with the presumption that it was created by Luke. Why? If he didn’t want to be found, presumably, he wouldn’t have created a map to his location. After all, C-3PO, a droid of wide knowledge, has told us that Luke is “quite clever…for a human being.” So he wouldn’t do anything stupid, like create a map if he didn’t want to be found. If Luke wanted someone to be able to contact him, why create a map that has to be pieced together from clues scattered across the galaxy? That doesn’t seem very clever. Why not just leave his address with Han and Leia, or whoever? Or let them know his cellphone (communicator) number? (See post #2 for more on the communicators.) And if Luke has to create a map, why paint a path on it? Why not just an “X” to indicate his location?


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