finn-pointing-to-where-millenium-falcon-isntquad-jumperquad-jumper-exploding star-wars-race-to-millennium-falcon

The last of my posts on things that bug me about Star Wars VII. Note that I really enjoyed the movie, and that movie spoilers may follow. This one may be a bit nit-picky. It has to do with continuity rather than story logic.

Shortly after they meet, Rey and Finn are running to escape being killed by a pair of Tie fighters. We see an expanse of empty desert to their right. Rey then says they may be able to outrun the Tie fighters in a quad jumper directly in front of them. Finn suggests another ship, but Rey tells him that one’s just a piece of junk. Then the quad jumper gets blown up by the Tie fighters. Rey decides the piece of junk will do, so they turn to their right and, miraculously, the Millennium Falcon appears where there had been empty desert. How did that happen?


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